About us copy one

It all started when Elyse and Meghan met a few years ago after their husbands - who had been friends even longer - finally made plans for the four of them to hang out. As luck would have it, they all enjoyed each others' company and became fast friends. The rest is history.

Elyse's entire family has an entrepreneurial spirit; her parents  run their own business, and she used to have one as well. Meghan has always been creative - sewing, quilting, and knitting to her heart's content. After Elyse had her beautiful  baby girl Mackenzie in 2016, Elyse and Meghan began talking about opening a shop for babies, featuring their own hand  made clothes and accessories.

Mackenzie has loved testing out the different clothes and teethers, and we hope the baby you are gifting these items to enjoys them as much as she does.